Postdoctoral research scientist, particle accelerator physics (DESY, Hamburg)

01/05/1994 - 30/09/1998

HERA particle collider machine operator duties.

Analysis, modelling, and simulation of beam disruptions in the electron beam of the HERA proton-electron colliding storage ring (synchrotron).

Analysis of beam data and development of custom IDL data analysis and visualisation software.

Research into symbolic algebra, PDEs, numerical methods, signal processing, and real-time control.

Developed IT skills in object-oriented C++ and the graphical Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Some related publications and reports:

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The effect of a static clearing field on trapped dust particles in the HERA electron ring

The effect of transverse beam excitation and kicking on the HERA electron beam lifetime disruption

Comparison of the frequency of beam loss rate increases due to dust particles in HERA under ion-getter pump and NEG operation

Dust in accelerator vacuum systems

A catalogue of HERA Electron Loss Monitor observations: (I) 08 Dec 1995 - 18 Dec 1995

A catalogue of HERA Electron Loss Monitor observations: (II) 28 May 1996 - 10 June 1996

HERA electron-beam lifetime disruption machine studies and observations

HERA electron beam lifetime machine studies Dec 1995: (I) Analysis of loss monitor data

The effect of beam excitation on the HERA electron-beam lifetime disruption

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