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Port-based systems engineering of block models for control and simulation of Neutron Beam Instruments of the OPAL research reactor using UML/SysML

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Kelly, D. R. C.
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The OPAL research reactor serves as a neutron source for diverse Neutron Beam Instruments
(NBIs) undergoing commissioning throughout 2007 by The Bragg Institute of the Australian Nuclear Science
and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) [1]. Port-based Systems Engineering (PBSE) using UML2.1.1[2] -
and more recently SysML [3] with explicit physical flowport support - has been employed to support Model-
Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) of NBIs, including reverse- and forward-engineering of Java
components, and development of XML schemas for NBI hardware components and sensor-actuator device
networks. Electronic systems, neutron flows, and vacuum systems are modelled as UML2 ports with custom
notation and SysML flowports. The NBI models thus engineered are incorporated into a ModelServer system
(implemented in Java+XML), which acts as a distributed, multi-client, control system façade that integrates
low-level, logical device interactions (via a real or simulated control system) into high-level, physical
instrument block models that support recursive control [4] and derived, controllable, physical system values.

Computational Physicist: Scientific Software Architect

05/10/2006 - 04/11/2007
Software Architect, Neutron Beam Instrument Computing and Electronics Group

Developed port-based UML and SysML models of the neutron beam instruments of the OPAL Research Reactor facility, using sentence-by-sentence UML Parsing Analysis of instrument design manuals.

Developed a distributed, pluggable, object-oriented, port-based Instrument ModelServer control system façade using UML, SysML, Java and XML technologies.

Performed architectural modelling in UML of Java systems and heterogeneous control systems.

Developed Java adapters for the low-level SICS control system and for data acquisition web services.

Performed Java and XML technology assessments, including analysis of reverse-engineered APIs.

Computational Physicist: Data Analysis Developer

26/09/2005 - 04/10/2006
Data Analysis Developer, Neutron Beam Instrument Computing and Electronics Group

Developed "NeXusBeans" Java bindings and UML models for the XML-based NeXus data format, as presented to the NeXus International Advisory Committee and promoted through the NeXML sub-project web site.

Developed port-based channel operator software in Java for data reduction and analysis using UML.

Supervised students.

Advised on UML education.

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