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KDE3.5: window list with multiple desktop structure

KDE3.5: window list with multiple desktop structure

Note how next to the pager in the KPanel there is an arrow one can click to bring up the entire list of all open windows, structured by desktop; that is what I miss most (or have not yet found) in Mac OS X Leopard. It is so much easier than first pressing F8 to go to the Spaces view, then trying to locate the desired (now smaller) desired target window amongst all others. It's even worse on Mac if the target window is not on top of its space, in that case one has to also use the Expose F9 to reduce the Window view even further and hunt amongst tiny little windows (admittedly with a title on hover).

GNOME desktop environment

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While I have used GNOME often under Linux and have at times been thankful for some of the applications, I far prefer the K Desktop Enviroment (KDE) when working under UNIX systems.

K Desktop Enviroment (KDE)

I first used KDE in about 1997/1998 (when I managed to compile KDE1.0beta on Solaris at Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron (DESY)), and have used it often since on Linux systems. I followed the early KDE development mailing lists, and have done some Qt development under KDE. KDE definitely made machines running Linux far more comfortable to use.

(I now work mostly under Mac OS X, without KDE.)

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