IT Consultant: Senior Drupal CMS web developer, PHP programmer

19/01/2015 - 23/03/2015
Senior Drupal CMS web developer, PHP programmer

Under contract via Webel IT Australia to digitial media agency Sitback Solutions worked on a range of existing existing PHP-driven commercial Drupal7 CMS sites.

Worked with Drupal Commerce and the eWay Payment Gateway API, and the ExactTarget CRM/MAS (Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Analysis System) for

Developed an email Newsletter campaign composition system for dynamic publishing streams and ad-feeds using object-oriented PHP and Drupal CMS for interaction with the Marketo email campaign management system for

Employed support technologies including the GIT code repository management system, the Unfuddle issue tracking system, and the Drush command line tool for Drupal.

Used graphical Unified Modeling Language (UML) activity diagrams as flowcharts for documentation, sequence diagrams for analysing eCommerce modules, and class diagrams for component-based web site modelling.

Used NetBeans IDE in combination with XDebug for PHP for code issue analysis and sequence tracking.

Drupal CMS affiliate marketing web site development: The ethical eMarket

03/06/2009 - 15/07/2009

Developed a Drupal-driven affiliate marketing site, with extensive use of custom types, custom views, and custom theme. Affiliate links and media are managed through database-driven affiliate links (not just pasted HTML).

Custom Drupal modules written in PHP manage integration of advertising data from heterogeneous affiliate partners, and drive dynamic, context-driven formatting of served content.

The animated logo was developed using Pure Data + GEM patch-based synthesis.

Drupal CMS eCommerce music web site development:

22/05/2009 - 03/06/2009

Developed music and media sales site as functioning demonstration of Drupal eCommerce with the Ubercart system, including PayPal integration. Offers digital music, art, and videos online with integrated audio and media players, extensive custom image galleries and views, custom CCK types, custom theme, and shopping cart.

Music composition, audio recording, editing, post-production.

The animated "sound circles" logo was created using synchronised PureData and GEM audio and video synthesis.

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