AJAX: references

Dr Darren says:

AJAX: you know you want it, and you also know you don't want to have to write it all yourself.

So let JQuery do it for you.


Dr Darren says:

The best thing about JavaScript is using JQuery instead (as many Drupal™ modules wisely do).

The Webel site images slideshow

This slideshow of all images on this site uses Drupal's Views Rotator module and JQuery image rotation.
Select or click on an image to navigate to its description page, where you can see it full size.
Hover mouse pointer over an image to bring up next and previous buttons; Move pointer off the buttons to resume slideshow.
If the slideshow seems stuck, please move the mouse pointer outside the entire image display region, UP or LEFT !


New: automated slideshows of all Webel images


This images slideshow is a good starting point for discovering the scope of Webel projects. It also serves as a discussion point for Drupal™ developers regarding efficiency of active web page elements using JQuery technology; it is based on the Views Slideshow module. For comparison there is also a version of the images slideshow using the similar Views Rotator module.

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