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The content or the technology discussed here is HISTORICAL or ARCHIVAL

If you must still work with LaTeX for formula typesetting consider using the Lyx front-end.

(Klyx was a version of Lyx for the KDE desktop, not sure whether it is still alive.)

Better: use Maple or Mathematica symbolic algebra worksheets and generate error-free LaTeX formulae directly from them !

TeX and LaTeX

Like most mathematicians and scientists in the 1980s and 1990s I used to use TeX and LaTeX for preparation of scientific publications and for typesetting formulae, like in:

- Radiation hydrodynamics of early stages of type II supernovae (PhD thesis)
- Advancements in radiative hydrodynamic simulations of early phases of type II supernovae

YOU don't need to do that by hand anymore in the 21st century ! Use Maple or Mathematica to generate reliably typeset, error-free formulae that correspond with the equations used in your projects direct from symbolic algebra worksheets. Like this:

Scientific publishers SHOULD now permit direct submission of papers prepared in Maple and Mathematica; those who don't have not understood the revolution of symbolic algebra and modern electronic publishing. And supervisors and teachers should know better than to put students through such pointless pain in the 21st Century.

TeX and LaTeX are wonderful .. as downstream publishing backends.

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