The wonderful JSyn from Phil Burk at SoftSynth was used for the real-time audio synthesis in an earlier version of The Drancing accelerometer music "air instrument". The Webel JSyn zone also features some UML reverse-engineering of the API.

Visiting researcher/inventor (real-time sound synthesis)


In 1998 I was kindly invited to DIEM in Arhus in Denmark by then director Wayne Siegel to discuss the Drancing accelerometer music air instrument and to learn about DIEM's bending sensor air instrument.

Synthesis zone

A Webel zone dedicated to synthesis technologies. A good place to start is this fun tutorial with step-by-step PureData patches and videos of synthesised sound and visuals:

Gallery: Pure Data example: The PLAY logo animation: synchronised video and audio synthesis

The original Drancing accelerometer suit (since 1997)

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