UML ComponentRealization

8.3.4 ComponentRealization (from BasicComponents)

Includes discussion about inconsistency in the stated sense of direction.

8.3.4 ComponentRealization (from BasicComponents)

'The ComponentRealization concept is specialized in the Components package to (optionally) define the Classifiers that realize ..'

'abstraction : Component [0..1] The Component that own this Realization and which is implemented by its realizing classifiers.'

'realizingClassifier : Classifier [1] A classifier that is involved in the implementation of the Component that owns this Realization.'

'Semantics: A component’s behavior may typically be realized (or implemented) by a number of Classifiers ..'

ERROR: 'Notation: A component realization is notated in the same way as the realization dependency (i.e., as a general dashed line with an open arrow-head).'

The 'open arrow-head' is the same, however the direction is clearly in the reverse sense.
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