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Webel employs core JavaServer Faces (JSF) and the 3rd-party PrimeFaces toolkit as the primary rich, interactive web user interface technology for Enterprise Java web applications:

For demonstrations and examples, please visit the tutorial presentations and demonstration videos of the GreenDesk web application for modelling and environmental compliance tracking of office buildings, developed by Webel for GreenSoft.

HERA particle accelerator: custom data analysis application

HERA particle accelerator: custom data analysis application

A custom data analysis application for studying beam lifetime disruption events in the electron beam loss monitors of HERA (electron-proton synchrotron particle collider).

Microsoft Windows

I have - for better or worse - used most versions of Windows frequently in both professionally and for personal use.


My child sometimes1 plays computer games on Win XP; sometimes it crashes or the "compatible" games don't install or run properly and he gets very upset.

  • 1. Since Xmas 2008 he plays computer games on the Nintendo Wii; it never crashes, and he only gets upset when he loses.

Lyx & Klyx

The content or the technology discussed here is HISTORICAL or ARCHIVAL

If you must still work with LaTeX for formula typesetting consider using the Lyx front-end.

(Klyx was a version of Lyx for the KDE desktop, not sure whether it is still alive.)

Better: use Maple or Mathematica symbolic algebra worksheets and generate error-free LaTeX formulae directly from them !


The content or the technology discussed here is HISTORICAL or ARCHIVAL

Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT)

I have used SWT on projects such as a multi-column treetable client for the Instrument ModelServer at Bragg Institute, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), and via EMF as a model editor.

Java Swing

I have used Swing on dozens of projects, such as a GUI for The Drancing accelerometer music "air instrument".

You'll find many examples of Swing throughout this site, including:

  • reverse-engineering of Swing to UML
  • the cascading lazy instantiation recipe for Swing
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