1. It should be possible to allocate a specific _window_ from an application to a given space, not the entire application's window set at once !

'1. It should be possible to allocate a specific _window_ from an application to a given space, not the entire application's window set at once !

And it is already possible in Spaces. In the help pages it says:

Working in multiple spaces

When projects pile up and your desktop becomes cluttered, you can use the Mac OS X Spaces feature to organize your windows into groups.

For example, you could create a space for work, another for games, and a third for chatting and checking email messages.

(BTW Apple, you just used names for your 'groups' so can we please finally also use names for Spaces - as one can in KDE multiple desktops - to name our group projects ?)

This makes it clear that one can organise 'windows' into a 'group' (or project) per Space. Confusion can arise in the instructions because of this:

To set up and use multiple spaces:

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Exposé & Spaces, and then click Spaces.

    Open Spaces pane of Expose & Spaces preferences

  2. Select Enable Spaces, and then use the Row and Column buttons to create as many spaces as you want.

    For more information about the options, click the Help (question mark) button.
  3. (Optional) To assign an application to a particular space, click the Add (+) button and choose the application.
    • If you want the application to always open in a particular space, click the pop-up menu and choose the number for the space you want.
    • If you want an application to always be available, no matter which space you’re in, open the pop-up menu and choose Every Space.
  4. Notice the word '(Optional)' ? Notice how it talks only about 'application' ? Notice how it nowhere says how to assign a window to a Space !

This (in combination with this ISSUE: COMMAND+TAB between Windows in different Spaces of different Applications (when many Windows open) does not toggle properly, it moves to another window in the 2nd Space) is what caused my confusion, and it could be documented more clearly anyway, with something that first says how to a assign a window to a Space, so that it is also clear what is 'optional' ! To find out that one has to look under this help page, right down at the bottom:

Working faster with Spaces


Here are shortcuts for Spaces:


  • To move a window from one space to another, use any of these shortcuts:
    • Press F8 to view all spaces, and then drag the window to the new space. To move all the windows belonging to the same application, press the Shift key while you drag the window.
    • Drag the window to the edge of your screen and pause; after a moment, the window is switched to the new space.
    • Move the pointer over the window, and hold down the mouse button while pressing the Control key and an arrow or number key.

I suggest this should this possibility should be introduced right at the beginning of the help about Spaces.

The confusion is further reinforced by the following example:

About Spaces

Use Spaces to organize your windows into groups and banish clutter. You might want to keep all your work projects in one space, and games in another. Or you might want to create an individual space for each project.

When you’re working in a space, your desktop contains only the windows for the work you’re doing in that space. For example, you might create a space for current projects that contains text and graphics documents, and a second space where you keep your iChat window. When you’re in your work space, the entire desktop is available for the work-related documents, but you can quickly switch to the second space if one of your contacts initiates a chat. The iChat window is always available, but it’s not in the way of your work space.

Notice how it makes iChat (an application) tantamount to a window ? I suggest it should say 'an iChat window'. This would make it clear that one can use a Window instance (which I insist is the most natural mode for using multiple desktops, especially when using web browser window on different topics), instead of just all windows for a given Application.

Also, note that the help pages for About Spaces only has Working in multiple Spaces as a Related Topic, which help page does not once refer to the possibility of allocating a Window instance to a given Space; For that one has to read to the end of Working faster with Spaces (in case one finds it) !

I hope I am therefore forgiven somewhat for thinking that one could not allocate a Window to a I did of course test it first, but I made a mistake by testing using a pathalogical configuration that by chance forced a switch from one Space to another every time I moved from one Window to another and simultaneously also changed Applications.

In any case it is so much simpler on KDE. Apple, please introduce something similar for Spaces, perhaps under the Window menu group, and consider also some kind of tree view menu with all Spaces and their assigned child Windows, instead of relying on going to the Spaces overview, where the Window titles can be hard to read in the mini-view of each Space when there even 4 Spaces, let alone when there are say 9, and one has to rely on mouse hover to find what each window is, instead of a simple tree view with all windows of all Spaces as selectable text titles with Application icon.

The point is that I have not yet found an easy way in Spaces to get from a Window of one Application in one named Space to a desired Window of another (as yet unknown) named Space without first having to shrink everything then struggle to find where the target is. And that causes me a lot of frustration (both haptically and visually) and wastes a lot of my time, and brings me out of my work zone. The rest of this analysis series does solve the problem. Please implement it soon.