Dr Darren develops the powerful UML™ Parsing Analysis recipe for sentence-by-sentence translation of technical documents into navigable UML™ and SysML models. This strongly document-driven approach to graphical modelling can by used for analysis of requirements, domain elements, systems structure, behavior, and for design modelling. It unifies Dr Darren's graphical modelling strategies, and is at the heart of all of Webel's UML and SysML tutorials, courses, and workshops.

Throughout this course, SysML Parsing Analysis of original documents describing systems will be used to drive modelling examples and to illustrate the unique elements of the Systems Modeling Language™ (SysML™). On the morning of the final day workshop, participants – who are invited to bring laptops - will perform a SysML Parsing Analysis on extracts from a document of their choice from their own domain, and on the final afternoon they will share their results through team presentations, for collective discussion.