Just a Webel zone to collect various useful information on audio/sound engineering. These freestyle pages started in late 2013 because I told a friend about some interesting resources on sound engineering I had read recently, he asked me to send him some links, and I figured I might as well share my summaries with the world.

I quote heavily from Wikipedia and I also quote essential passages from hundreds of excellent online audio engineering resources "in-place" for your reading convenience; please do read also the original references written by some top audio engineers and sound industry experts, no matter how much you think you already know about audio engineering I promise you it is worth reading them.

Some of the information is specific to Mac OS X, I have in most cases tried to separate Mac-specific material in separate pages.

These info pages are dedicated to SBS Chill, my absolute favourite digital and online radio station !

SBS Chill official home, includes current, previous, next playlists and option to buy selected tracks in high(er) quality.

TuneIn radio home info page for SBS Chill

Specific streams:

SBS Chill: 96kbps MP3

SBS Chill: 96kbps HLS

SBS Chill: 128kbps via Flashplayer (can be embedded in most browsers, simple player appears automatically)

SBSChill on DAB+ usually broadcasts at (only) 56kbps/AAC. To encourage them to prioritise this amazing music with higher bits, please send encouragement to: chill@sbs.com.au