• You have made Bluetooth™ connections for 2 WiiTM Remotes to your Mac OS X machine and can see the signals ok in DarwinRemoteOSC.
  • You have set the DarwinRemoteOSC ports to 5600 and 5602 respectively (because this is a prototype with fixed ports).
  • You have installed PureData with GEM and DranceWare.pd, and it is running ok.

Now place both WiiTM Remote controllers face down (so the A button is facing down) on a table or on the floor (don't touch them or hold them), and click on the global CALIBRATE button/bang:

You have now "homed" your controllers to (silent=dark) at that orientation1. This is a very important aspect of the Drancing approach. You should not be able to hear anything (or barely anything), otherwise please repeat the calibration step.

There is a minor bug, you might have to move each Wiimote a bit for the calibration to apply (be seen) in the UI monitors.
  • 1. You can in fact calibrate to any orientation, however try face down first, it is easiest