DO NOT get the original DarwiinRemote from Hiroaki Kimura, it can't network ! Get DarwiinRemote OSC adapted by Andreas Schlegel ( to exploit OpenSoundControl (OSC) networking, install it and read the documentation.

I am not responsible for the DarwiinRemoteOSC software, so please don't ask me about it

I am running DarwiinRemoteOSC version 0.2.1 2008/01/14, which is a little older than the latest DarwiinRemote (which has an improved "cartoon/simulator" of the Wiimote with a background photo). You will know whether you have DarwiinRemoteOSC if the Preferences menu has an option to connect via OSC on a chosen port.

Now run (which will actually be DarwiinRemoteOSC) from a Finder window. You will be asked to press buttons 1 and 2 on the Wiimote simultaneously, and all 4 LEDs of the Wiimote should flash. Hold buttons 1 and 2 for at least a couple of seconds. Don't worry if you have to repeat this a few times, it is temperamental. You may have to even restart the app a few times. Be patient; once it is up and connected it is usually quite reliable, unless you make your MacBook Pro sleep1.

When you wave your Wiimote the display will look something like this:

Now comes a trick to use your second Wiimote:

Don't just run again from the Finder, it will not start a new instance ! RUN IT FROM A TERMINAL WINDOW !

In an open terminal window navigate to:


Then run:


Do the simultaneous 1 and 2 button connection sequence again, and once the connection is made ok, YOU MUST CHANGE THE REMOTE PORT TO 5602 AND CONNECT under the Preferences menu. This is hardcoded in the receiving DranceWare prototype (which BTW has only ever been used on localhost). You should see something like this (except the send port will have been changed to 5602):

It is a good idea to set the 1st LED on the 1st Wiimote (on port 5600), and the 2nd LED on the 2nd Wiimote (on port 5602) using the LED checkbox. In the DranceWare PureData GUI prototype, the 1st and 2nd will appear as left and right respectively.

Don't worry about the occasional WiiRemoteDiscovery error, it seems harmless
DO NOT try to use this prototype with just 1 Wiimote, you will get random audio noise and probably a headache, too.

Please now take some time play with these uncalibrated accelereometer signals for a while. In the the DranceWare application you will NOT be using these raw signals, you will be using "homed" signals in the Drancel RGB virtual synthesis "3D atoms". Please DO get a feel for the raw signals first so you understand what a big difference Drancing's homing process makes.

  • 1. Or suffer the infamous "no wake from sleep" problem still afflicting MacBooks which the ads will tell you do not have problems ever because they are too cool for that and their software "just works" and is designed by the same people who make the hardware .. ahem