Download the attached DranceWare PureData/GEM prototype for Wiimote and unpack.

Note that it is marked as a PROTOTYPE - not even "alpha" software - with the support that implies, i.e. none at all.
You are however welcome to report problems and/or successes via the feedback form.

The bundle includes a subdirectory of free drum samples from Audio Pervert. (I hope this is ok concerning copyright, future versions of PureData will probably only used synthetic drums anyway.) There are also some test files which you can safely ignore, and next to no help, because it is a prototype.

If you select Drancing.pd in the Finder it should either launch PD-extended or give you the option of selecting PD-extended as the default app for this kind of file, and then launch. The 0th level Drancing.pd wrapper for the DranceWare.pd GUI skin should be visible:

Make sure the DSP is ON (use either the button/bang in the globals panel at the top of DranceWare.pd or use the PD Media>audio on menu item). You should also perform the PD Audio Test.

WARNING: set your speakers/headphones to a safe, relatively soft level at first;
if you make a mistake the sounds can be quite penetrating and loud, especially with VFO on !
DranceWarePureDataWiimote.prototype.2008-07-15.tgz1.19 MB