Dr Darren of Webel IT Australia says:

I used iBiz software for over nearly year, primarily because I had invested too much effort in time entries in the first weeks to change ship; in the end I just had to abandon it. Do not trust this software with your time and data, and do not trust the testimonials - at least not if you are running Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8. Do not inflict its penchant for hogging up to 90% of your CPU on yourself. It does however have some very useful features that are missing from, for example, onecompetitor Billings.

I try to remain grateful for what I could achieve with it and for what I did do with it; no, it's too buggy, unreliable, and CPU consumptive for that, I can't be truly grateful, for the developers are too hard to help, offering thanks here would be rewarding negative behavior too much, and the app just wasted too much of my life. And I don't seem to be rescue all that precious time-tracking data sensibly.

I have moved, for now, to the (only slightly) less evil Evil yet "awarded" Billings. Software developers should note. If you are too lazy to pick up a phone (as requested) to discuss bugs at the convenience of your customers who are trying to help you, and if you expect unpaid customers to waste time on your support emails, you will lose customers and public support.