ISSUE: COMMAND+TAB between Windows in different Spaces of different Applications (when many Windows open) does not toggle properly, it moves to another window in the 2nd Space

In Mac OS X Leopard, COMMAND+TAB from (App1, WindowX, Space1) to (App2, WindowY,  Space2) does not then on the next invocation move back to (App1, WindowX, Space1) as hoped, it moves to (App2, <strong>WindowY</strong>, Space2), which drives me absolutely !@ !@#%#*, because I then have to find (App1, WindowX, Space1) again.

It completely destroys my most-used work mode. For example, for CMS-based web development I sometimes have admin role pages (say in Firefox) on one Space, and author role pages (say in Safari) on another Space, and often both browser apps are being used for more than one type of work anyway.