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A Webel zone dedicated to the real-time audio synthesis packages for Java by Phil Burk from SoftSynth.

From the JSyn site:

JSyn allows you to develop interactive computer music programs in Java. You can run them as stand-alone applications, or as Applets in a web page using the JSyn Plugin. JSyn uses native methods written in 'C' to provide real-time audio synthesis for Java programmers. JSyn can be used to generate sound effects, audio environments, or music.

I use JSyn as the audio synthesis engine for one version of my gestural synthesis system Drancing, which synthesises sound, video, and control signals, from 3D (triaxial) accelerometers. You can download some MP3s of Drancing with JSyn to hear recordings of it at work.

JSyn: UML: com.softsynth.jsyn
JSyn: UML: SynthSound with Ports
JSyn: UML: SynthUnit: audio idioms
JSyn: UML: SynthCircuit
JSyn: UML: SynthNote
JSyn: UML: SynthUnit: audio idioms
JSyn: UML: SynthUnit: bus
JSyn: UML: SynthUnit: filters
JSyn: UML: SynthUnit: in out
JSyn: UML: SynthUnit: maths
JSyn: UML: SynthUnit: noise
JSyn: UML: SynthUnit: oscillators
JSyn: UML: SynthUnit: response
JSyn: UML: samples
JSyn: UML: overview
JSyn: UML: misc

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