Mac OS X: EBU R128 compliant loudness meters and batch processing

FREE EBU R128 meters

These tools are in addition to the FREE EBU R128 ("ebur128") command line loudness filter demonstrated at: A summary of a review of music levels for broadcasting, personal use, recording and mastering, including the new LOUDNESS measures.

FREE from Klangfreund: LUFS Meter:

'EBU R128 compliant loudness measurement

The LUFS Meter plugin enables you to deliver loudness-calibrated content.

Multi-Platform, Multi-Format

Available as VST- and Audio Unit-plugin on Mac. On Windows, the LUFS Meter is available as a VST-Plugin. 32 and 64 bit. Support for Linux and other plugin formats is planned.'

Please note that for Audacity you just use 32-bit version, as Audacity does not support 32-bit VST plugins !

I managed to get it to run (preview) a pink noise test file within Audacity:

But it kept crashing Audacity whenever I clicked the Ok button !

Professional paid EBU R128 Meters

Grimm Audio provide a range of professional EBU r128 and ATSC A/85 compatible software and VST, AU, and RTAS plugins.

From LevelView (Price: € 350.00 excl. VAT):

'LevelView is a highly innovative real time loudness meter. Its 'Rainbow meter', based upon the 'Bendy Meter' concept of BBC Research, gives the user continuous insight in recent loudness levels of the program material.

"LevelView is the most innovative real time solution for EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 compliance."


LevelView runs as a plugin in most DAW's on both Mac and PC. There's also a standalone application that directly connects to your sound card.

In trial mode the program has a 14 days evaluation period.'

From LevelOne (Price: € 450.00 excl. VAT ):

'LevelOne offers EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 compatible loudness normalization.


It performs all your level normalization tasks automatically and accurately. You have the choice of normalizing to sample peak, true (over-sampled) peak, PPM peak or ITU/EBU LUFS loudness target levels.


In trial mode the program has a 14 days evaluation period.'

From Waves: WLM Loudness Meter ($400) for Mac or Windows:

'The Waves WLM Loudness Meter plugin provides precision loudness measurement and metering for broadcast, movie trailers, games, packaged media and more. Fully compliant with all current ITU, EBU and ATSC specifications, the WLM offers comprehensive Momentary, Short Term, Long Term, and True Peak readouts ..'