PS: Can somebody please tell me how to really maximise (not just enlarge) a window to fit the entire screen in one click on any window ?

'PS: Can somebody please tell me how to really maximise (not just enlarge) a window to fit the entire screen in one click on any window ? Put me out of my misery after one year of pain.'

This google search gives some explanation: the green button on the left corder of the Mac OS X Window frame is not supposed to use the entire screen, it is not meant to really maximise, just enlarge (or "zoom") !

One of the best discussions I found was Windows that actually MAXIMIZE to fit the screen. The point that I think Apple has missed is that even though modern screens are sometimes very large and wide, that is very useful in applications that otherwise might leverage dual-monitors. For example, being a professional UML™ addict, I like to have very large models in a model browser in the left half of the screen, and large UML diagrams on the right side of the screen, all within one application's window. This is one reason I bought a 17" wide MacBook Pro.

And I don't want to have fiddle and scratch with a mouse to size windows to maximum, after which the green "enlarge/zoom" button does do what I want. Why can't Mac ALSO provide a true maximise ?

Some remarks by others:

'I believe that the "zoom" button on OS X windows is supposed to make the window as big as is needed to show all the content. The idea is that there is no point to making it bigger than that.' Hayne

I made the point already one good reason is when using graphical applications with large model browsers. Another is cognitive; I sometimes don't want to be able to see anything other than what I am working on now ! It is about mental peace.

'I realize what the design philosophy behind the zoom key is; here in the wish list form, I merely express my wish that it be otherwise [or, better, that we users get to decide, so that you can have it your way, and I, mine].

Having used both OS families, I find I prefer the window fill the screen. I haven't really examined that preference, but I know it's what I prefer. Perhaps it's easier for me to focus on my work if I don't see anything else but that window. I sure as heck don't like accidentally clicking behind a window. And I really hate being forced to find the lower right corner of a window just so I can enlarge it to fill my screen. I am not asking for all-edge resizing [like Windows OSes have], but I would like to be able to maximize the window size with one click.' osxpounder

'Oh, no, definitely wouldn't want to take away "zoom". I quite like it, in fact.' osxpounder

And I can't think of any better way of saying it. I want to be able to maximise the window size with one click. And in the year 2009 and after spending so much on a MacBook Pro computer I think I have a right to it. Also. Not instead of the current "zoom".

'What I would add to make OS X as good and better
is Option-Zoom, which would zoom to fullest possible size,
while zoom would retain its current, adorable behavior.
This way we get our cake and eat it, too.' hector

Hallelujah ! Praised be the GUI gods !

And what I don't like hearing yet again:

'It's a difference in philosophy: Mac OS X is not Windows, and one of it's charms (at least, IMO) is that Apple has always had the courage to be different.' ahunter

I get fed up hearing this rubbish about "different philosophy" from Mac users. I have used computers for 30 years, and I can say with deep conviction that in this case it is all about ... a different button or action. One simple little button or combination of keystrokes that makes one action execute that just zooms, and another action execute that maximises. The other one I can't stand hearing about is "the Mac way of doing it". A Mac is a computer, and you can make it do nearly anything you want. It's called options and environment profiles and settings. The "Mac way" can be loaded and unloaded from a profile. It's a computer.

In reply to:

'..It takes a little while to get used to the way OS X manages windows, but when you do, you'll start to wish Windows could do the same. I really need to stop pressing F9 in Windows.'

the consistent osxounder wrote:

'I'm used to it, and I won't start wishing Windows would be the same. I'm tired of being told that OSX is not Windows [obvious] or that Apple knows better than I how I should use my computer [ludicrous; not supported by evidence]. I stand by my suggestion. You don't have to like it, or even use it, but it doesn't hurt you a bit if OSX allows me that feature.'

Now that's a philosophy ! For what it's worth, the Linux/UNIX KDE way of doing window management, multiple desktops, moving, resizing, etc. completely romps over both Mac OS X Leopard and Windows.

And one last quote:

'Why isn't there a "Maximize Everything' mode for those who want it?

I think its fine for Mac to adhere to its principles of 'Think Different', but on the other hand, this is an operating system. It should be capable of anything we need it to do.' popo

And since it is no more complicated than that, there's nothing to add, except that I hope Apple marketing reads this page !