You have already "homed"/calibrated your WiiTM Remote controllers
(in fact you have "homed" your virtual 3D accelerometer Drancel RGBs).

Click on the global RESET button/bang (unless you have 3 hands this probably means you will already be hearing something). This sets some sensible mode defaults, and offers combined VFO, AM, and drum trigger modes (with no FX, no echo, no feedback, and no wavetable). If ever you get lost simply RESET (it is your PANIC button):

You'll also notice there are some smaller local reset buttons for various modes within each Drancel RGB 3D synthesis unit (visit also Drancel.pd):

Now gently pick up your Wiimotes (if you haven't moved them already). You should hear clearly the Variable Frequency Oscillators (VFOs) right away. If you strike the air you will hear triggered sample drums (a.k.a. "drumming by dancing" or "air drums"). Congratulations, you are now Drancing with WiiTM Remote controllers, and enjoying my variation on the instrument of the century, namely non-tactile, real-time, gestural synthesis accelerometer "air" music !

Please play freely with the various mode buttons and sliders, and if you get lost simply click on the global RESET.

It often helps to include some echo (something like 400ms) to provide a timescale and some feedback. You might also like to limit or compress your output:

Please be mindful to keep the volume down until you are comfortable with the various modes,
especially if attached to powerful speakers, lest you neighbours think the X-files have landed next door.