• DO please visit these snapshots and explanations of the various patches and operations modes.
  • The threshold for the drums triggers is deliberately set quite high by default; try reducing it to about 0.3 then play gently, you can even drums with just tiny wiggles of a WiiTM Remote (because the accelerometers in it are quite sensitive).
  • Explore the global scaling of the accelerometer signals and see how this affects the output and the range of signals in the Drancel RGB monitors.
  • Switch everything OFF and then RESET just the Global VFOs, and explore this important mode for a while, including the frequency scaling. This mode promotes powerful aural biofeedback ! And it's fun an spacey.
  • AM mode alone can be a bit indistinct, experiment with separating the chord triads more.
  • AccWavetable2x3.pd mode is not recommended, it is experimental and causes crackling sounds. Don't use it.
  • Be gentle; explore the various modes carefully, and aim for virtuosity. It takes time, as with any other expressive musical instrument, to develop sufficient proprioception, insight, and "muscle memory".
  • ALWAYS wear the strap provided with the WiiTM Remote (or attach it securely another way).
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