SysML1.2 specification overview using hyperlinked SysML Parsing Analysis [ARCHIVAL]

The content or the technology discussed here is HISTORICAL or ARCHIVAL
The content or the methodology here is OBSOLETE !
Aug 2016: The SysML 1.5 Revision Task Force is in process. SysML has undergone significant changes since SysML1.2 !

This Webel reference and tutorial zone employs the UML™ Parsing Analysis recipe developed by Dr Darren Kelly, which technique exploits graphical and logical «wrapper» Components to relate text "snippets" from technical documents - in this case the OMG's SysML1.2 specification (with change bars) and - to (in this case) SysML model elements.

Please note that the SysML specification does not include the UML Component; the use of «wrapper» Components (which is supported in some tools, such as the SysML Plugin for MagicDraw™ UML) therefore goes beyond official SysML.

The (still incomplete) online trail is structured precisely after the SysML1.2 specification.

All SysML™ specification text appearing in this online reference trail is quoted, with permission, for educational and conformance analysis purposes only, and to permit convenient web page referencing under Dr Darren Kelly's UML™ Parsing Analysis recipe, and such quoted text remains © Copyright Object Management Group™ (OMG™).

Webel IT Australia maintains © Copyright in all additional UML™ Parsing Analysis models and diagrams of quoted specification text.

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