Use hierarchical "Zones" (a.k.a. "Books")

In the Webel site most content Nodes1 are organised in hierarchical trees within Zones2. The top-level zones are:

You can access all content in all Zones via:

  • The collapsible  Zones  block in the sidebar, which acts as a dynamic tree browser.
  • There is a traditional Sitemap (a.k.a. BookTree) of links to content nodes in all zones (takes a moment to load).
  • There is an alphabetical Index

You can also access these through these menu buttons:

You can also navigate through the parent-child-sibling structure using the links at the bottom of each content node:

This "physical"3 arrangement of the content is not always the most flexible way to access content. Next we explore some alternatives such as dynamically generated views and taxonomy-based navigation using categories (a.k.a. "terms", "tags", "keywords").

  • 1. In Drupal-language a Node is the abstract base type of all major content types: Page, Story, BookPage, Blog, and custom node types.
  • 2. In Drupal-language they are called BookPages within Books
  • 3. In fact behind the scenes the content is organised simply as linear nodes, the "physical" hierarchical structure is merely imposed.