Drancing is Dr Darren's real-time synthesis accelerometer music system ("air music" instrument), under development since about 1996, and now available for the Wii Remote (as wireless accelerometer) for Mac OS-X (only so far) as a PureData/GEM rapid prototype (only). This page explains what is known to work on a shiny new MacBook Pro with Leopard 10.5.3 or higher.

CAVEAT: this is UNSUPPORTED software; it is a rapid prototype ONLY, i.e. not even 'alpha'.
It does however already work quite well for me, and it's a lot of fun (visit these videos for evidence).
The Drancing accelerometer music synthesis system, Wiimotes version, in action
This DranceWare PureData/GEM prototype only supports 2 Wiimotes over hard-coded OSC ports 5600 and 5602.

We will now work from the source (the WiiTM Remotes as accelerometers) to the sink (the PureData/GEM version of DranceWare synthesis software) setting up the components. Please do it in exactly this order, there is no point doing later steps until you get the early steps right first.

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