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Abstract exploration of initial values
This is a hybrid diagram, supported in the MD SysML Plugin of MagicDraw™ UML, where the initialValues compartment can be shown on a property symbol in the structure compartment on a BDD.

The Type has 5 value properties, only 4 of which have a UML Property.defaultValue, and only 2 of which are re-initialised in a higher usage context UseType:

The class-level default values of v2[1] and v3[0..*] will be "overridden" (on/after construction) with an explicit property-specific initial value, and SysML1.2 specifies that these may by shown in the initialValues compartment for property t:Type of context UseType in an IBD.

Vallue property v5[0..1] has no initial value (since it has neither a class-level default value nor a property-specific initial value).

Dr Darren has suggested that v1[1] and v4[0..1] should take their class-level default values as initial value - although, AFAIK, SysML tools do not (yet) support this. In other words, the static values should "show through" to the initialValue compartment.
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