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The Client Tier

As in the source document Your First Cup: An Introduction to the Java EE Platform, we move now into more detail concerning the tiers.

A few of the existing analysis elements are included in the «wrapper» Component.This is typical of the UML™ Parsing Analysis process; the first diagrams often take a lot of work - and more time - and involve the creation of more implied analysis elements. As one works through a source text there are usually fewer and fewer new terms, and if the text is coherent and has good "a signal to noise ratio", the modelling begins to converge rapidly.

Keep in mind also; the aim is none other than to make these wrapped words run ! It should be possible to click on the «wrapper» Components above and have them trigger execution of something relevant to Java EE via a URL that expresses this analysis, and binds it to existing Java EE "designed" Classes, and indicated above, also to non-Java clients.