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The client tier consists of a client program that makes requests to the middle tier (nested Property version)

Again we see a "focus" Class Diagram for a «wrapper» Component for one source text sentence. It only shows those analysis elements - and aspects of them - that are referred to explicitly or implied, as well as the Port mechanisms via which all services are provided and required under strict port-based engineering.

No internal details of the middle tier are shown, since none are indicated by the source text under analysis

We bring our attention again to the subtle matter of how to relate the «wrapper» Component to the analysis elements; for Classes it's easy, a ComponentRealization is generated by the tool in the underlying model (and shown here explicitly), however for nested Properties shown as symbols (or equally in the attribute compartments), a Dependency must be introduced "manually".

The Dependency to a Property from a «wrapper» Component is a stronger relationship than a ComponentRealization between a «wrapper» Component and Class that types a Property, because a Property has an owning context, in this case of :Request an owning Class. Therefore:

Only choosing to show Properties "associatively" (as the end of Associations) - and relying on ComponentRealization tracing to the Type of the Property - is not a general solution to the matter of tracing analysis Properties to source text.

For comparison, the completely "associative" version is shown and discussed next.