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Control the flow of screens or pages on the client.

The source text sentence here is a bit vague, and seems to be implying that all clients are in fact web clients with pages, which might contradict this:

Clients can be a web browser, a standalone application, or other servers, and they run on a different machine from the Java EE server.

There are many open questions:

  • Does a standalone application acting as a client to a Java EE server have to deal with pages ?
  • Are 'screens' the same as 'pages' ?
  • Are 'pages' web pages, and if so, are they in the HTML format ?
  • Are 'pages' the same as the content that is bundled with a response ?

Also, presumably the flow of pages - although it may appear ordered "after the fact" - depends dynamically on both the user input and the server response (perhaps even in a time dependent manner) in a complex way.

To address these we'll have to await finer details in the source text document.