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The 1st-level virtual instrument user interface for the system. It is just enough to manage a few fundamental Drancing operations modes, to manage conditioning and control of 2 Drancel virtual 3D synthesis atoms (fed here by 2 Wiimotes), as well as offering some global controls, some output filters, some monitors, and a simple recording system. (It also fits nicely into a 1280x960 screencast when combined with Drancel monitor visuals side-by-side.)

It looks of course almost exactly like the 0th-level "wrapper" for the skin, except it shows the (rather tedious) connections, and some initialisations, as well as some OSC dump feeds from specific ports "pragmatically hardwired" into A0.pd (5600) and A1.pd (5602) (yes, this is indeed a rapid prototype).

SysML and UML abstractions (used as typed parts with ports) are so much easier to model, diagram, and connect up than this. I am working on forward-engineering from SysML tools to PureData and also $jsyn_$, i.e. SysML tools becomes a real-time synthesis patch editors !


The network ports have to be set to match in the DarwiinRemoteOSC preferences (application menu).