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Drum samples are preloaded into tables for triggered playback.

They can be heard triggered once on selection from the <a href="">Drums.pd</a> radio buttons (with the slight side-effect that the selection process can be heard in recordings).

It's just enough for this prototype; it aint pretty, and it is bound to specific samples (adapted from the free AudioPervert CR-78 drum samples).

One could trigger samples other than drums and rely on samples for the entire music, however that is not the way of Drancing. Geez, why not just trigger your favourite CD to play from beginning to end, and say you're playing gestural music ?! It proves nothing. Only purist real-time synthesis provides realistic diagnostics and measures of the true performance power of evolving gestural synthesis instruments ! And it sounds much better, too.

Combining drum (or other) samples with real-time synthesis is an effective compromise.

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