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Dynamically generate content in various formats for the client

Presumably the dynamically generated *Content "knows" about its own *Format, and the *Response includes the *Content.

It is further tentatively assumed that the *Request somehow knows about the required *Format (at least one variation of which can be requested by the *Client).

It's safe to assume that the general version of the *Serve Interface (and thus probably also the web tier's client-side version of *Serve) depends directly on *Request (and thus indirectly on *Format). A Dependency is used here to indicate this, although (more controversially) an Association from an Interface could have been used (which is easier to trace under the UML™ Parsing Analysis recipe, as it would generate a ComponentRealization to the «wrapper» Component).

For the moment the 'web tier' is handled as a generic architectural concept, not specific to JavaEE.