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MediumBoxWithSmallBallBox (BDD): a container with deep nesting

Now some deep nesting is introduced, and the complexity quickly increases. For demonstration, the new MediumBoxWithSmallBallBox redefines the color to be green, and recall that the default Ball of a SmallBallBox has color orange.

And now we can start to see one of the main points of this tutorial; how can one describe a configuration of the system where the shallow nested SmallBallBox and the deeply nested Ball have arbitrary desired colour ?

There are 2 main cases to be explored:

  1. Describe desired values of deeply nested properties at the moment the outermost Block "constructs itself"
  2. Describe values of deeply nested properties at any moment after construction (which may be provided by an additional time slice context), or equivalent, describe values of deeply nested properties in an environmental context (such as under a range of test conditions, or weather conditions)

This is bread-and-butter stuff for even basic systems engineering. It turns out that Unified Modeling Language™ (UML™) can only handle progressive initialisation/configuration level by level, and that Systems Modeling Language™ (SysML™) is making headway towards handling this in more general cases, which we'll examine shortly .

First however, lets look inside the MediumBoxWithSmallBallBox as is ..