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The middle tier's business functions handle client requests and process application data, storing it in a permanent datastore in the data tier.

This complex diagram (which we'll see later in more friendly form) shows an "unwrapped" «wrapper» Component with the automatically generated ComponentRealizations, along with redundant representations of Properties as Association ends and in structure compartments, just to enable study of the challenge of tracing source text to analysis Properties

For illustration only, DO NOT diagram like this in production modelling !

Consider for example the concept 'application data', which we wish to relate to the analysis element *Data_Application in the general sense (as a Class) and in the more specific context of an instance-like Property of a Datastore, and likewise being processed by a 'business function' (*Function_business analysis element).

The Property case requires another way of tracing from the text to the analysis element (a Dependency may be used).