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MOST: UML: synthesis

UML2.0 component model overview of the MOST synthesis after (Mills, 1981) and (Kelly, 1988).

Illustrates port-definitions for MOST components using UML2.0 delegation and assembly dependencies1. Components here are nested to indicate the unique usage context for each component of the instrument. Multiplicities of components are not required for this schematic illustration, multiplicities of ports are given. The sense of flow of (software) message delegation is the opposite to the radio signal processing chain.

This could now be better modelled using deeply nested part Properties with Ports in composite structure diagrams (or Systems Modeling Language™ (SysML™) internal block diagrams).
  • 1. Do NOT imitate this technique, since 2008 MagicDraw UML supports 'delegation' and 'assembly' kind connectors properly