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PLAY logo: SoundCircles.pd

The 8 sound channels correspond with the 8 circles of the logo, and the main modulating parameter is the brightness b of the circle geos, which ranges from 0..1. The colours of the circles are the classic 7 visible spectrum colours and and an outer white circle. Together, the sound and disc circle with given width are known here as an LCircle, short for 'logo circle'.

Selected parameters of the 8 sound channels are enslaved to master controls here. One can for example change:

  • The entire timbre by changing the power law of the amplitudes as a function of circle index.
  • The "wavelength" of the dynamically varying pan w.r.t. circle index.
  • The base frequency, and the ratio of frequencies between circles.
BTW strictly this should be called SoundCircles~ since it has audio output.