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In a properly designed enterprise application, the core functionality exists in the business tier components.

Before the source text is analysed within a «wrapper» Component, a large part of the previous analysis regarding enterprise applications are tiers is repeated. If we assume that a Java EE application is 'properly designed' and is also a 'typical tiered application' (as previously described) then we can trace (albeit somewhat indirectly) from *Application_JavaEE (which is also an *Application_Enterprise) to *Tier_Business, without adding any additional Generalization.

Although the 'core functionality' seems already well placed in *Function_business it's still not clear from the first cup source text whether this is the same as 'business logic' mentioned elsewhere, indeed 'functionality' and 'logic' seem to have been used interchangeably, or at best indistinctly or vaguely. For example, policy is often well decoupled from functionality, and can be separately "injected" to affect the logic of an application.

To track the matter, a question analysis «wrapper» Component is introduced with Dependencies to elements of interest.

Associative diagrams like this can be hard to understand, even for UML experts, so let's now look at a consistent representation of parts of this as a composite structure diagram ..