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PsychoMediumBoxWithSmallBallBox (BDD): progressive redefinition to represent deep value state

One strategy for representing values of deep layers is to progressively (and tediously) redefine the UML Property.defaultValue with more and more complex nested InstanceSpecifications, as shown for the PsychoMediumBoxWithSmallBallBox, which redefines the Property sbb:SmallBallBox to give it more "psychedlic" colours1.

Note that we are still only using UML capabilities, however there is no way of showing in the BDD (or in a Class Diagram) what the newly defined deep values are, i.e., one can't tell from the Blocks alone that, for example, the ball becomes red.

During practical systems engineering modelling one does not want to always have to show InstanceSpecifications this way; SysML however offers another solution, in the Internal Block Diagram (IBD) ..

  • 1. My apologies if these colours are a bit hard on the eyes.