Shibboleth: sequence diagram: request secure federated document

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Shibboleth: sequence diagram: request secure federated document
This may well be the largest UML1.x sequence diagram ever attempted.
It is only intended for a "Shibboleth-aware" audience and Unified Modeling Language™ (UML™) fanatics.

It is much to the credit of the MagicDraw™ UML tool that one can do such a thing at all ! The diagram is just begging for the divide-and-conquer approach now afforded by UML2, whereby sequence diagrams can be split into 'REF' subdiagrams. It also needs the binding of interfaces to components UMLl2 now supports.

The exchanges are represented by "pseudo-operations" defined on the web interfaces. Only the "in band" parts have been modelled by intercepting HTTP headers with the amazing Paros proxy tool.

After doing this to familiarise myself with Shibboleth I used "sequences of collaborations" with far more effect to model and then "animate" the system,
I recommend you see that first.

Have fun with it, I did ! (Or maybe you'll get Shibboleth nightmares...)