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SmallBallBox.ibd: the UML Property.defaultValue as an overriding set of values
This diagram is subtle, and demonstrates why this tutorial was created; in order to understand what follows, please examine this carefully. Understanding this is crucial for modeling complex hierarchical real-world systems in SysML.

The default Ball of a SmallBallBox, an InstanceSpecification oBall:Ball , has been chosen to have color orange. It has been assigned - via an InstanceValue - as the Property.defaultValue: ValueSpecification of the Property ball:Ball[1] of the Block SmallBallBox.

InstanceSpecification oBall:Ball carries (in this case) a set of values in $Slots_$, and in SysML these can (at least in MagicDraw™ UML) be displayed as a list within a special initialValues compartment ! Note that there is only one (set) Property.defaultValue ! And in this case, one of the values within that set overrides the color. We'll be examining this compartment throughout this tutorial.

The analysis stereotype «*initialValues» for InstanceSpecification is for illustration only, and is not part of the SysML specification.

So what is the :values compartment all about ? It is an optional SysML compartment that lets one show each Property as known to the Type, in this case Ball.

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