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Top level UML Composite Structure Diagram of Drancing and DranceWare JSyn

Note that there are 4 main domains within the synthesis with (arbitrarily chosen) port colours:

  • The (continuous) analogue electrical "hardware" domain with ports in CYAN, from which data is acquired.
  • The (discrete) digital data acquisition domain with ports in BLACK, which conditioned signals are used to modulate the audio synthesis parameters and to trigger samples. This cycle is slower than the audio synthesis cycle.
  • The audio synthesis domain in MAGENTA, which performs the audio synthesis of modulated sine oscillations and triggered samples. This cycle is by default set at 44.1 kHz.
  • The user interface control domain in GRAY. Selected parameters of the system may be tuned using a GUI control layer (not shown). Such ports are here not exported to the component boundary; I prefer to think of these as being connected to a layer "orthogonal" to the main synthesis cycles ( imagine controls "out of the page" hovering above the component, or the front control panel of a hifi component with knobs and switches wired up to the GRAY ports).