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The accelerometer signals (as well as the button signals, orientation, and position signals) from each WiiTM Remote, are obtained via on OSC dump on a network port (decoupled here as an inlet).

The accelerometer-centric Drancing system currently only uses the (X,Y,Z) acceleration signals, however I am working on exploiting the WiiTM Remote buttons to control various synthesis parameters and modes (they are all already recognised OK as flashing "bangs").


Please read the DarwiinRemoteOSC docs for more information about DarwiinRemote and OSC.

Please don't ask me about DarwiinRemoteOSC, I just use it very gladly and with sincere thanks to get at the signals.

I hope soon to move away from OSC over a network to low-level data acquisition for improved response when operating in local mode.

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