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A redefinable element is a named element that can be redefined in the context of a generalization. RedefinableElement is an abstract metaclass.

  1. Indicates whether it is possible to further redefine a RedefinableElement. If the value is true, then it is not possible to further redefine the RedefinableElement. Note that this property is preserved through package merge operations; that is, the capability to redefine a RedefinableElement (i.e., isLeaf=false) must be preserved in the resulting RedefinableElement of a package merge operation where a RedefinableElement with isLeaf=false is merged with a matching RedefinableElement with isLeaf=true: the resulting RedefinableElement will have isLeaf=false. Default value is false.

  1. Kernel

    The redefinable element that is being redefined by this element. This is a derived union.

  2. Kernel

    References the contexts that this element may be redefined from. This is a derived union.

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