Conjugation in SysML-1.6 (mockup)

So what to do? Webel recommends this HACK (which also explains exactly how to get the MagicDraw Customization right so you get a nice «~interfaceBlock» keyword and so the tool treats it like a new element): It may mean you have to do a bit of sorting out when the SysML-1.6 compliant tool version of «~interfaceBlock» arrives, but at least your model will be correct. And: This is better than sticking with the now-deprecated UML Port conjugation: Model integrity beats convenience!
Don't worry if you have not encountered DirectedFeature or FlowProperty yet, they'll be covered later in this trail in detail. For now, just note that:
  • A FlowProperty on the Type of a Port can be 'in', 'out', or 'inout' (both).
  • A DirectedFeature on the Type of a Port can be 'provided', 'required', or 'providedrequired' (both).
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