UML: TIP: DO NOT overuse the display of selected attributes or operations in their containers, as the approach is fragile against the addition of new attributes and operations.

So you've discovered that your UML tool has the option to display only selected attributes and operations (features). And you know that it is good to only show your audience information relevant to a context. So you fine tune hundreds of diagrams using this technique, getting everything nice and tight and clean.

Then that library you were using changes and you reverse engineer it again, and your lovely diagrams are now corrupted, because there are new operations and/or attributes (possibly from a context other than the one desired in a given diagram). It can drive you crazy1.


UML: TIP: DO only display selected attributes and/or operations of collaborating Classes and Interfaces (example: Design Patterns).

  • 1. Maybe this is what happened to poor Dr Darren.
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