UML: TIP: as far as possible ensure you can navigate your entire model from every diagram to related diagrams using the symbol and/or hyperlink facilities (and/or "navigate to usages" facility).

Try to avoid "cul de sacs" from which you cannot navigate out. Users should not be forced to use the model browser to navigate.

Many UML tools offer the ability to hyperlink element symbols in a diagram to 1 (or more) other diagrams (and/or external resources, such as files and web pages). Some UML tools also additionally offer "diagram symbol icons" that navigate to another diagram. However, be aware that:

Hyperlinking from a symbol in a diagram in one Package (or Model) to a diagram in another Package can prevent modularisation !

DO take the time to assign hyperlinks to model elements as soon as possible. This applies particularly when modelling hierarchical Component systems. UML tools are not kind to procrastinators ! However, one should not let this principle disturb the diagramming flow within one diagram.

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