UML: TIP: MagicDraw UML: avoid plain old Class Diagrams without graphically containing Classes within «wrapper» Components - except for the very simplest cases !

If you want to enjoy power diagramming like Dr Darren, try this advanced tip out (no matter how controversial it might be). It can save you a lot of time.

Lest you spend the rest of your life futzing and nudging and fiddling and moving a highly chaotic collection of UML model elements that MUST get out of graphical synch if not robustly graphically grouped ! And repeating multi-select a thousand times a day simply does not cut it.

Note that in MagicDraw™ UML Components in diagrams do not "steal ownership" of model elements (unlike Packages and Model) when symbols for those model elements are moved from outside the boundary of a Components symbol into the rectangular boundary. (This is NOT so in the model browser, there Components takes ownership.) So you CAN and SHOULD use them safely to group other elements however you like.

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