No Magic Inc. (developers of MagicDraw UML and SysML Plugin)

Type of organisation
Sydney, Australia: Bangkok, Thailand
16/04/2007 - 15/09/2008

Worked internationally from Sydney with teams in Europe, Asia, and the USA, with frequent trips to the No Magic Asia Development Centre in Thailand to train developers and oversee software processes.

Established the MagicDraw UML Online eSchool with hundreds of web pages of UML and SysML examples, tutorial trails, and tips (using the Drupal content management system):
(Please note this system has undergone many changes by others since)

Conducted analysis of UML and SysML tool conformance against OMG language specifications.

Directed redevelopment of the SysML Plugin for MagicDraw UML. Achievements include:
- Introduction of MD SysML stereotypes encapsulating implicit SysML specification concepts.
- Integration of the JIRA issue tracking system with metamodel-oriented feature analysis and SysML-based activity and structure models of the development process.
- Improved traceable specification of requirements and features, and testing and bug prevention.
- Supervision of technical team members and assessment of MagicDraw SysML white papers.

UML and SysML education:
- Developed and held workshops to train developers in UML-driven Java software development.
- Developed and held SysML systems engineering workshops.
- Authored an advanced UML & SysML training course for customers.

Advised on use of the Plone CMS for co-ordinating internal software development artifacts and process.

Provided priority customer assistance to science and engineering customers.

04/2007 - 09/2008

Contributed to the SysML Units, Value, Dimension (Quantity) working group.

Developed a new SysML metamodel for representation of value states and physical quantities.

Represented No Magic Inc. (developers of MagicDraw UML and SysML Plugin) at Object Management Group (OMG) meetings of the SysML working groups and in revision of the SysML specification through the SysML Revision Task Force (RTF)


No Magic are the developers of the MagicDraw UML and SysML applications, with centres around the world: No Magic Asia, (Thailand); No Magic USA, Texas; No Magic Europe (Lithuania).