Each Snippet may be represented in a graphical language such as UML or SysML


Both Unified Modeling Language™ (UML™) and Systems Modeling Language™ (SysML™) are excellent choices for graphical representations of snippets, and these graphical analysis layer interpretations form a possible bridge to design layers, implementations, and simulations (in UML-friendly languages such as Java™ and Extensible Markup Language (XML)).

Therefore the Snippet custom type in this CMS has fields for UML and SysML mini-diagrams, and convenient mechanisms for displaying them inline.

Snippet-Driven Engineering is particularly suited to Dr Darren's UML™ Parsing Analysis recipe, in which a «wrapper» Component is used to encapsulate each Snippet, to create a traceable binding between text and graphical UML elements.

Note that a Snippet may also be represented by a graphical synthesis language like Pure Data, or in older (pre-UML, pre-SysML) engineering languages.