Wherever and whenever possible, a Snippet should be bound to an executable or functioning expression of the represented text in the real-world


So if the text is about software, the Snippet's focus page should - eventually - be bound to some executables corresponding to the text of the Snippet (possibly via UML™ Parsing Analysis to Java™, for example, if one is parsing a Java™ tutorial). If the text is about a web feature, then it should definitely link to an online demo of that feature (and no excuses) !

Because Snippet-Driven Engineering (in combination with UML™ Parsing Analysis) is about "making words run". And this is also why Snippet-Driven Engineering promotes text-bound testing !

If the text is about a real-world system (for example, an extract from a design manual for a machine), then the Snippet node should - if possible - link to some artifact or media that demonstrates what the sentence means.

If the text involves a systems engineering constraint or requirement, like 'the Australian Collin's Class submarine should actually be able to go underwater', or that 'the Australian Navy's Seahawk helicopter should actually be able to fly in the air', then that Snippet should be somehow linked to evidence of it, such as test artifacts, or a video of a Seahawk flying .. in the air, for a long time.